Artist statement & biography

Half artist, half scientist, I bring geology and physics to my artwork - aiming to capture the mechanics of light and the visual patterns of coastal geological processes. It is a contemporary search for the sublime through extreme simplicity, an impression of something familiar and enticing yet overwhelmingly out of reach.
Filled with atmospheric effect, my sea paintings have represented striking geological rock formations on the English coast, from the deep dark shales of Black Nab in Yorkshire to the brilliant white chalk of the Pom Pom on the Isle of Portland. Solidity and form is framed by colour and light. Recent work includes the coast and geology of Norway, and it’s relationship to the Yorkshire coast through glacial movements.
As an American-British artist, I identify very strongly with the English tradition for seascape painting while still retaining a certain "midwestern" eye for landscape with flat perspective and vast open spaces. Born in Chicago, after 25 years in Britain I finally found my way to Yorkshire and now work from my studio in Scarborough.

Recent solo exhibitions
July-Aug 2018 After the Ice, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
Jan-Feb 2018
Beyond Form, The Bowery, Leeds
Aug 2016
Light, Grejczik Gallery
Feb 2016 Sea & Stone, Grejczik Gallery
July 2015
Dogger, Grejczik Gallery, Scarborough
Mar 2012
Testing the Sublime Limits of Vision, NoFormat Gallery, London
Mar 2010
Dark, Paul McPherson Gallery, London
Apr 2009 2.73 Miles, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

Recent group and juried exhibitions
Jan 2018 Everything Must Go, The Artillery, at According to McGee, York
Aug-Sep 2017 Wish You Were Here, Woodend Creative, Scarborough
Feb 2017 Two woman exhibition in support of HLGBT York, John Cooper Theatre
Jan-Mar 2017 East Coast Open, Scarborough Museums Trust
Jan-Mar 2017 To Please a Few, Cupola Contemporary Art, Sheffield
Jul-Aug 2016 Woodend Summer Open, Woodend Creative, Scarborough
July 2016 Platform Open Arts, Morphets of Harrogate
June 2016 Whitby Art Fair, The Pavilion, Whitby
June 2016 Mycelium, AppleStore Gallery, Hereford
Aug-Sep 2015 Wish You Were Here, Woodend Creative, Scarborough
Jun 2015 3 Views, Grejczik Gallery, Scarborough
Jan-Mar 2015 East Coast Open, Scarborough Museums Trust
Nov-Dec 2014 Drawing: The Probity of Art, Palace Hub Gallery, Redcar
Mar 2014 Spring Exhibition, Blackheath Gallery, London
Oct 2013 Art.Science.Gallery, Austin, TX, USA
Oct 2013 Home: Contemporary Female Masters, Sofia Gallery, Bulgarian Embassy
Sep 2013 Derwent Art Prize, Mall Galleries, London
Jan 2013 AmericanBrits, two-artist show, Gallery 27, Cork Street, London
Jun 2013 Summer Exhibition, Blackheath Gallery, London